Building new paths: Safepag and INOVAPAY are now Bazk

Our business has always been about opening new ways for companies around the world to connect with their customers.    

Internationally, through INOVAPAY, and in Brazil with Safepag, we have evolved and now a new phase is beginning with the formation of Bazk. In fact, this is a transformation that goes far beyond the name, materialising our expansion over these five years in the market. Find out more about the journey of our payment gateway and what lies ahead.    

We started our journey as Safepag and INOVAPAY, brands that have become synonymous with security and reliability in the Brazilian market. Over the years, we have established solid foundations, established valuable partnerships, and earned the trust of our users and business partners.    


Bazk: a new global perspective    

To soar even higher and reach new horizons, we have established Bazk – an innovation that symbolises our consolidation as a global company. In other words, a brand repositioning that symbolises our growth and expansion into new market areas. To this end, Safepag and INOVAPAY now form a single brand to explore even more broadly diversified businesses.    


Broadened scope:    

Bazk continues to operate in the Brazilian market and provides services to merchants around the world. Through the transformation, however, we have broadened our focus to different horizons and explored new sectors. We are committed to breaking new ground with the same dedication and excellence that has made us a benchmark in the market. Our new approach also enables us to serve global markets, consolidating our position as an international company.    


New identity    

To signal the company's broadening horizons, Bazk's visual identity combines a direct and recognisable name with technological visual elements. For example, the logo has arrows at the beginning and end, symbolising dynamism, change, and connectivity, while referring to programming codes. Additionally, right angles express strength, precision, and agility.    

The unique combination of the new colours creates a differentiated visual identity that makes it easier for the brand to be recognised. In this sense, each colour conveys a different set of information.    

Pink and orange, for example, reflect Bazk's innovative, creative, and energetic nature. Blue represents the professionalism and reliability in the company's DNA. Ultimately, grey brings sophistication and contemporaneity, balancing the more vibrant tones with elegance and communicating seriousness and maturity.    

Join us in this exciting transition as we continue to provide you with the excellence and reliability you have come to know and trust, now under the Bazk name. The future is full of possibilities and we're looking forward to exploring them with you!    

Photo credit: Bazk