Access the Latin American market

We offer a secure solution for local and cross-border payments with simplified integration.

A single integration.
Countless benefits.

Ensure fast, transparent, and secure experiences for your customers and company by effortlessly connecting with our trusted partners.

Modular technology platform

Payments in Brazilian local currency

Instant pay-in & pay-out

Fraud and risk management

We are formed by the union of two experts in the field, INOVAPAY and Safepag.

A unified solution to access multiple financial institutions through an interface committed to agile and secure delivery.


Risk-based approach analysis for financial partners, merchants, and customers/users.

Transparency and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Anti-fraud expertise in APIs and AML/CFT monitoring with Artificial Intelligence.

Security for everyone

Operating with the highest standards for Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing (AML/CFT) is Bazk’s fundamental commitment.

Continuous Improvement

Through constant monitoring, Bazk prides itself on its continuous improvement of its processes, acting in a predictive and preventive manner.

Easy implementation

With our in-house development team, Bazk provides seamless integration that connects your business to multiple partners.

Health Check

Our built-in process to validate provider quality ensures a robust and reliable solution.

Updated API Documentation

Smooth integration, accelerating product launch.

Round Robin

APIs that seamlessly switch between providers for optimal service levels.

Rest API

A software architecture that allows easy integration between services and platforms.


Real-time notification of financial transactions, resulting in increased efficiency and agility.

Sandbox environment.

Secure and controlled testing environment for validating the latest features and integrations.

We use up-to-date technologies and methodologies to simplify your development and integration team's work.

Now, your company can not only operate but thrive in Brazil.

We go beyond simple financial transactions. At Bazk, we offer a payment solution that speaks the language of your consumer and transcends borders.

We provide a strategic entry point to explore the vast potential of the Brazilian market.

Integration with Pix

Boost your business with Brazil's leading payment method.

R$ 17,18 trillion
handled in 2023
66 million
transactions per day
144 million
users in Brazil

Source: Banco Central do Brasil

At Bazk, every connection is an open door to innovative opportunities.

Connecting you to a world of possibilities and growth.

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